The most serious problems facing any organization are those of fraud, dishonesty and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, and Roadspan is not exempt.

As an essential component of our corporate governance and risk management programme, management has decided to introduce ROADSPAN ALERT as an independent hotline to all our stakeholders in order to report instances of dishonesty, irregularities and inappropriate behaviour that may occur within our company.


Enable the organization’s stakeholders (employees, management, suppliers and customers) to report these problems in a confidential manner.

• To act as a deterrent to dishonesty and inappropriate behaviour in the work place.

• To offer compliance with the provisions of the Protected Disclosure Act, Act No 26 of 2000 (This act protects any informant).

• Demonstrate Roadspan’s commitment to the King II Report on Corporate Governance especially insofar as “Whistle blowing” is concerned.


ROADSPAN Alert will be operated by the Group Internal Audit Manager, who will investigate and report on all calls received directly to EXCO.

The following means of communication are available to our stakeholders:

• A unique 0800 Free Call Number with a voice mail

• The free call number is:   0800 202 121

This number is a direct line to our Group Internal Audit Manager and does not go through the switchboard.  There is a 24-hour voicemail facility.

• A unique e-mail address

• The e-mail address is:

The e-mail facility is not linked to the Roadspan computer system and servers and is not accessable by any other Roadspan employee.  The only person with access to this e-mail address is the Group Internal Audit Manager.

• A unique Free Post address

For Attention:

Internal Audit


Freepost no JHZ 1331