Since its inception in early 2008, Roadspan has quickly become one of the leading roads surfacing and rehabilitation contractors and asphalt suppliers of South Africa. The company boasts a comprehensive technical team and prides itself on its strong client relations and technical solutions.

Heading up the Roadspan Group is MD – Leutloileng Qhobela. He has been in civil construction for over twenty years and joined WBHO in 2000 from where he has been seconded.

Roadspan Surfaces Director – Steve Harrison, has been with WBHO since he qualified in civil engineering in 1986. He heads up the surfacing construction activities.

While it is no secret that the success of any team lies in the skills and experience of the individual team members, one of Roadspan’s biggest strengths is its shareholder. The main shareholder and owner of Roadspan since March 2010 is WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd.

While retaining it’s total independence, Roadspan has, through this association, been able to leverage the proven systems that have been the success of WBHO over more than twenty five years. The investment strategies of all shareholders are built around long term returns and they are all committed to the growth of Roadspan into a significant road surfacing and rehabilitation group.